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Avnet is regularly recognized for its leadership in the use of information technology. In 2008 Avnet was ranked No. 55 on the InformationWeek 500 list of the nation’s best users of information technology.

Leveraging our IT investment, Avnet Logistics provides sophisticated logistics network support and in-depth systems tools that take advantage of Avnet’s IT structure. Our systems can track and interface with your ERP systems to seamlessly manage your vendor managed inventory (VMI) requirements.

As a recognized leader within the electronic component industry in electronic commerce, we have extensive EDI and Rosetta Net capabilities and currently manage 150 suppliers and 300+ customer engagements through electronic interfaces. Avnet’s eBusiness standards include EDI (traditional), EDI (internet), RosettaNet, Avnet XML, other XML (CXML), and customer flat files.

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